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Live reviews

The Last Man On Earth: 'So beautifully judged that, like Vincent Price in the lead, it's hard to imagine the film without it' (Twitch)

Dark Star: 'In several ways, Dark Star emerges a better film with Animat's new score…..The result creates a whole new experience, at once deferential without ever becoming fawning. Animat have perfectly captured the tone Carpenter was going for, making this a must-see for fans of the film and newcomers alike' (


Belleville Rendezvous: 'Sylvain Chomet’s award-winning animated movie brought to life by Animat’s suitably imaginative soundtrack' (The Guardian)

The Straight Story: 'A unique live reworking of this most unusual of road movies' (Sheffield Telegraph)


'I booked all 5 previous Animat rescores at Roxy Bar & Screen, and they've all been brilliant - they don't just play over the film, they integrate the film dialogue and sounds into their scores.' (Phil Foxwood, Scalarama)


Press and DJ feedback

Earplay: 'An enchanting listen and a beautifully fresh sounding album' (Pathaan (BBC, Globetronica)

'A slice of downtempo, digital soul sparkling across moody, ethereal backgrounds and beats' (The Big Issue)


A Promise of Snow: 'Lovely, lush, intelligent ambient music' (Bob Dukis, Six Degrees Records)

'I love the overall feel – Quality (Ashley Beedle)


Imagining Ghosts: 'Animat draw in strands from Lemon Jelly and Brian Eno but create a sound they can claim to be their own.  Even the vocal tracks, whilst stepping out of the ambient box briefly, are still hypnotic and lush' (Exposed Magazine)


Slip Into Gold: 'This new single from Sheffield's ambient audio/visual outfit Animat comprises contrasting warm sounds against dubbed-out funk with a live band feel and eerie voices that seem more fitting to a haunted bleak industrial wasteland. There's a touch of an orchestral mood to it and they flirt with dub in places and some nice guitar licks for good measure. My advice: kick back and soak up the sound' (Sun is Shining blog)

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